New alliances speed up charging networks

Robust, smart, and efficient charge ports to make e-Mobility an absolute reality.

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New V2X technology and Ultra-Fast innovations

Latest research from EV charging developers and electrical infrastructure experts.

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Boosting EV charging infrastructure

Hear the latest case studies in electrical infrastructure development for electric vehicles.

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Expert Speakers to Date

  • Sairam Thiagarajan
    Hitachi ABB Power Grids
  • Aaron Fisher
    EVPassport, Inc.
  • Machele Webb
    Celanese Corporation
  • Maeve Lawniczak
  • Neha Palmer
  • Nir Zohar
  • Robert Kacergis
    Momentum Dynamics
  • Ram Ambatipudi
    EV Connect
  • Brookes Shean
    FLO Services USA Inc.

Past Attendees

  • Momentum Dynamics
  • Emmaus Energy
  • Schleuniger
  • Eaton Corporation
  • Volvo
  • ABB
  • Mazda
  • U.S. Energy Recovery
  • ChargeNet Holdings Corp.
  • Sargent & Lundy, LLC
  • Panasonic
  • Tata Consultancy Services
  • FLO Services USA Inc.
  • EV Connect
  • Robert Bosch LLC

Who should attend?

  • EV Charging Infrastructure
  • Automotive Engineering
  • Advanced Technology & Engineering
  • EV Charge Port Development
  • E-Mobility Charging Facilities
  • Transport & Energy Analysis
  • EV Car Design & Development
  • Electrical Power & Utilities
  • Manufacturing Research & Innovation
  • Civil & Electrical Engineering
  • Electrical Grid Operations
  • E-Mobility Research and Development
  • Charging Port Manufacturing
  • Town and City Planning Officers
  • Strategy, Projects, & Public Affairs
  • Charging Port Installations
  • Public and Private Asset Managers
  • Legal and Compliance Work
  • Electrical Grid Infrastructure
  • Sales and Marketing Initiatives
  • Equipment Certification Services
  • Cybersecurity & Blockchain
  • Business Development
  • News Reporting and Journalism

Why Attend?

The Canadian EV Charging Infrastructure 2023 conference is the only event of its kind to deliver leading market intelligence and industry presentations on the latest EV charging infrastructure projects to support the expansion of electric vehicles…

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Exclusive Forum for EV Charging Service Equipment and Infrastructure Development

Welcome to the Canadian EV Charging Infrastructure 2023, where leading automotive manufacturers will meet with electrical charge port developers, electrical grid operators, city planners, and policymakers to explore and establish robust electrical infrastructure and charge ports to meet the needs of the new generation of electric vehicles.

In just over a decade, electric vehicle ownership is estimated to reach 5 million units in Ontario alone, leading to an ever-increasing need for EV charging ports to meet the demands of the e-Mobility market. As Canada is embarking on a 'mine to mobility' strategy for producing electric vehicles and EV components, the country needs to build a complimentary electric vehicle charging infrastructure to support the growing EV market.

While charging technology has evolved faster, electrical infrastructure development across Canada has remained a considerable challenge. According to a recent report by KPMG, EV charging demand for electric vehicles could reach 200,000 charging ports, a four-fold increase to support 20 million EVs on Canadian roads by 2030. With more charge ports, the industry will face the fresh challenges of maintaining uptime. There is an urgent need for Smart IT-enabled solutions for supporting operations and maintenance (O&M) of the charge ports currently in service.

This year’s Canadian EV Charging Infrastructure 2023 event is set to become the world’s leading exhibition and conference exclusively for the automotive and electrical power industry, to meet and collaborate with a large array of charge port developers and policymakers, to examine new developments in electrical infrastructure and charge port technologies and address how the industry plans to support the growing use of electric vehicles.

Key topics on this year’s agenda include:

  • EV charging infrastructure and e-Mobility industry forecasts
  • Exploring the next generation of smart and efficient EV charging ports
  • Latest research in V2X Technology and Ultra-Fast charging for electric vehicles
  • Evaluating the current policies and future plans for cities and network development
  • Upcoming regulations and industry standards for developing intelligent infrastructure
  • New case studies from charge port developers and working with policymakers

This event will provide a forum for all stakeholders across the automotive and electrical industries to network, build cross-market relationships, and explore new technologies and innovations addressing the real challenges of electrical infrastructure and e-Mobility growth.

Call for Presentation

If you would like to be a speaker at this event, please contact sean.collins@iQ-Hub.com, subject heading “Call for Papers - EV Charging Infrastructure Canada 2023”.

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To secure your place at the Canadian EV Charging Infrastructure 2023 event or if you require more information, please contact delegates@iQ-Hub.com.



Key topics for 2023:

  • EV charging infrastructure and e-Mobility industry forecasts
    Understand the economic fundamentals and key market drivers for developing EV charging infrastructure to meet the needs of the e-Mobility market.
  • Exploring the next generation of smart and efficient EV charging ports
    Look for innovations in EV charging ports and make the business case for new charging stations across the network.
  • Latest research in V2X Technology and Ultra-Fast charging for electric vehicles
    Explore new technologies in faster and more efficient charging systems to improve the overall EV charging experience and encourage end-user adoption.
  • Evaluating the current policies and future plans for cities and network development
    Understand the decisions by policymakers and key infrastructure plans for the years ahead to incorporate into a strategic business plan.
  • Upcoming regulations and industry standards for developing intelligent infrastructure
    Hear from key regulators and classification bodies to ensure you meet the requirements of new regulations and industry standards.
  • New case studies from charge port developers and working with policymakers
    Gain insight from leading manufacturers and build relationships across the industry to ensure successful infrastructure development.


  • A great event for people interested in new technologies for the industry. Albert Li (Benchmark Mineral Intelligence)
  • This conference gave our company opportunities to meet key players in the emerging technology space. Nithya Giridhar (BHP)
  • Great event with expertise from various fields related to the industry. Martin Loo (Greatech)
  • A wide range of information regarding the industry and key providers. Ralph Marsh (ATS)
  • A very well organized event with a wide variety of topics presented by knowledgeable speakers. Breanna Lopata (Ametek)
  • Great experience to gain knowledge into automotive world and network with key players. Jason Klentive (ESAB)

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